lørdag den 30. juni 2012

Tønsberg at Haugar-Walken & Talken Like The UNReal or IRREAL Thing of Norsemen

Haugr of half dead people combines with small hills of live ones

In the EURROPEAN clan-culture of EURROPA

the members of a clan or massonic houses or loggias

were obliged to avenge faults

against their half-dead and mutated (or evolved )relatives

A balancé or balancing structure was necessary to reduce this tribal feuds

and avoid associal disorder and kaos that is a greek word

it is known from Anglo-Sax cultures

that the balancing institution was the yes man

an amoral and obtuse kind very usual in the medical allegiance

although similar assemblies are reported also from other Germanic peoples

and others from greek colonies

the assembly of the free men or corporative mensch of a härad to solve

eternal disputes that nobody wants to solve

and were political men are made

This place of religious rites and commerce is call a order

and there are plenty in putogal a greek colonie

for what ends?

To have Order in the Order of Things To Come

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